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Barefoot Productions

In my childhood I was encouraged to explore and question the things around me. I was never wrapped up in cotton wool, I was told to learn from my mistakes. I was fortunate to travel, to experience different countries & cultures with my family. I was given many opportunities to learn & develop myself.


During my early schooling I neither found one specific subject that interested me nor did I excel in any one area. As I continued into my secondary education, I found myself becoming more & more interested in the world around me. Plants, animals, nature, people, cultures, the way that everything interacted together. I started to see the beauty in art & architecture. I wondered how things worked, why some things happened and others did not.

I started to look beyond my study desk and to the world outside as a clasroom itself...


As I left the shelter of formal education and entered the big wide world. I had no career in mind, only the idea that somewhere out there I would find the right path to take...


One of the many paths that I have found myself journeying down is Photography.

It was one of the many passions that I inherited from my father, Derek Green.

I am eternally grateful to have had the help, wisdom & support of my family, friends & guides in all that I have endeavoured. Thank you to all that have fuelled my curiousity, passions & wanderlust that has brought me through so many experiences via so many different routes to where I am today...

Tim Green

In 2006 I created Barefoot Productions as a way to share the photographs & memories with my family & friends spread about the globe.

By 2008 Barefoot Productions was selling daily photo journals on Dive & Snorkelling boats in the Red Sea.


In 2009 Barefoot Productions relaunched as a new joint project with Nina Traber. (A unique event & entertainment company in Egypt.)


The Photography side of the company became - Barefoot Pro Digital Photography (Personal Portfolio)


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Whilst travelling & working around the world, I almost always had a camera close to hand, but more often than not had no shoes on...

- How it all started...