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BareFoot Rover (BFR) - Land Rover Project

At the time I was enjoying riding off road motorbikes & I had always wanted a Land Rover Defender.

I considered the options of doing the expedition in a Defender or on a bike...  


By the time my final exams were over, new exciting ideas & adventures popped up. The expedition I had planned was postponed until sometime in the future.


When I found that I had a summer without many prospects of work, I decided it was time to take the first step towards that expedition.

I bought 2 Land Rover Defenders & started work on combining them together, restoring them & customizing them.

During my teenage years I devoted alot of time (In classes I didnt enjoy) planning an overland expedition from London to Capetown...

Having seen my parents complete various long distance rallies with classic cars & vintage motorcycles, I decided when I left school that would be a grand adventure for me to take...

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BA Imaculately maintained the body & all parts until the new owner put petrol in her...

Heavy duty chassis & recently overhauled

300tdi Diesel Engine.

BA stripped down to chassis & parts

BE Stripped down to rolling chassis & parts

BEBA Lowerbody work back on, CSW adaptations

BEBA. Roofrack with boards, Snorkel, Spotlights & Bullbars


BEBA. Baremetal chassis & repaint. LongRange Fuel & Water tanks added.


BEBA. Doors rebuilt & refitted, Safari door & Roof, Rock Sliders, #plate gaurds fabricated.

BEBA (BFR) Starts to be reassembled from a combination of both vehicles.

(BE) Heavyduty Chassis + Engine & (BA) CSW Body & Parts.

P1010975 BFP_9957.NEF

BEBA. Foam mat & Industrial Lino lining throughout

+ Initial concept for Rear Storage System.

BEBA. (Barefoot Rover) In Palma, Mallorca.

On her first journey through Europe.

BEBA. 4x New seats  (RearSeats from  "2 Renault Scenics") MK2 Rear Storage Concept

BEBA. New Rear ready for Painting. Rear "sofa" seats to be added L&R in future. Folding Table.

BEBA. Steering wheel & Dash concept in creation.

Compressor, Inverter, Speakers & Dual batteries.

Modification of Rear:

Creating pull out table/work area in Centre, Adding 2 rear "sofa" seats to create sofa/work/living area.


Modification of Centre:

Additional tier of centre storage and addition of Engel fridge/freezer. Creation of second freshwater tank in footwell.


Modification of Front:

Centre storage area for Camera equipment with charging system.

Dash mounted tablet computer nav, "rearview" & music system.


Modification of Doors:

Creating a unique "backbox kitchen" for Rear door with external & internal access.

Fitting central locking & 1key Deadbolt to all doors.

Adapting door frames to create new "Flat Useful" Door Cards. Adding "arm rests" for photographic support.


Modification to Roof & Maggiolina:

Joining & converting ExtraLong "Large" Maggionlina to roof to create "Poptop Roof & Bed" with Internal access system.

Creating system for general equipment store boxes and a pull down storage system of 2x spare tyres at front of Roofrack.


Modification to Front:

Addition of tool box with protected solar panel lid to the top centre section of bonnet.

Winch (capstan) to be added.


General Modifications:

"Self Supporting" Awning to be made for whole length of roofrack, both sides and rear of vehicle. (similar to "foxwing")

3rd battery to be added.

New Suspension & Shocks.

Airline from compressor & 12V to the Rear & the Bonnet.

RHS Rearwing Fender Water tank with filter & pumping system.

REME Ex Snowplough 110                               (BE)

Ex British Airways 110 CSW                    (BA)

Future Plans/Modifications:

BEBA. Front grill, headlights & new bonnet lock.

Under-body protection plates fabricated & fitted.

BEBA. Bodywork respray


BEBA.  Centre Console Area Ready for Conversion.

Camera box & Electrics.

BEBA. Rear "Kitchen" Box.

New LED Lights Front & Rear


Adaptations & problem solving BEBA since doing the 10,000km around Europe.